Girls and Bombs


Spending some time at the Tokyo Leisureland in Don Quihote, I decided it was time to spend good yen by trying out Bombergirl. As the name implies, its a waifuized version of the popular Bomberman series from Konami. Complete with clothing damage and MOBA mechanics.


Theres a decent amount of characters to unlock and each have different classes they fit into such as Bomber, Blocker, Attacker and Shooter. As for what the classes actually do is adjust the stat maximums and minimums you can level up to in a match. For instance the character shown above is a very balanced Bomber type, so she can plant up to 5 bombs and upgrade her size and speed 5 times each.



The battles themselves take place in a large arena filled with blocks, bases and teleporters to capture. The blocks drop powerups and stop normal bombs just as you would expect them to. The Bases are the main objective to attack as destroying them will ultimately win you the game. As your team gains experience through bombing things or other girls. You unlock several skills and than be customized and unlocked.


If you take enough damage, your clothes eventually get ripped to shreds and a large cut pops up. Originally at release the censor bars were not present, but eventually they were added in, not all characters are of the developed type.

I initially wondered how new characters and items were unlocked, and was thinking there was an exp progression or something as it is not really explained, but then the after match happened and I was treated to a Gacha scene.


By spending an additional credit, you get a spin at the gacha, 2 pulls with the highest rarity items, the characters, having a 6% chance. I drew a few times and did unlock a new character, so I can see it not being too difficult to unlock more.

The gameplay itself was actually a lot of fun. If this game got a home release, minus the exploding clothes, I feel it would actually do really well as it offers the same kind of short burst fun that Wonderland Wars offers but in a Bomberman format.

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